Silex Concrete Polishing System

The Silex Concrete Polishing System is a complete sustainable & refinement floor system utilizing revolutionary scientific methods and a systematic approach that changes the way concrete is mixed, poured, finished and maintained within the floor polishing industry today.

Implementing Silex Concrete Polishing System’s systematic methods while utilizing our innovative combination of abrasive tooling and formulated chemicals you are virtually guaranteed to meet or exceed your unique specifications and obtain maximum refinement that will convert every job site into an unmatched work of skillful art regardless if the floors are old or new.     

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Silex Power
Polishing System

The Silex Power Polishing System is a systematic designed process utilizing specially formulated patented chemicals that begin refining the slab during the initial concrete placement and throughout the flatwork process utilizing power trowel equipment.

It is a hydrating system that gives you more control on the finishing process by creating a 1" barrier that enables the slab to retain 97% more moisture over a longer period of time which ultimately eliminates volume loss cracking and curling, while also producing a stronger, more durable and highly abrasion resistant surface.

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Are Around the Globe 

Not only has Silex® made quantum leaps forward within the Concrete Polishing Industry in North America, DIAMATIC® has made leaps forward by expanding our long trusted brand and partnerships internationally and now with the Silex brand.

DIAMATIC USA® is deeply committed to creating a stronger global presence, providing solutions and services to our valued customers currently WORLDWIDE, and building upon our international relationships to best meet the concrete polishing needs of nations around the world. We serve customers in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  We have three U.S. offices in San Diego, CA., Folcroft, PA., and Oklahoma City, OK.