Who We Are & What We Do

Diamatic® has led the industry with pioneering advancements, developing high-performance tooling and concrete treatments for the floor polishing industry used within the Commercial and Industrial market sectors.  Diamatic® with its years of industry standards, over 100 years of combined industry knowledge and dedicated team at hand, has created a systematic approach to concrete polishing that has and will continue changing the way concrete is designed, placed & finished, cured, polished and maintained.

In addition to Diamatic's dry polishing system, ULTRAFLOR® we are able to provide greater accountability with our wet polishing process, SILEX® SYSTEM which utilizes a scientific approach that produces fully refined floors to their maximum potential while also creating repeatable and quantifiable results. By taking this approach we are able to provide a way to describe the exact means-and-methods to produce the floors the Architects or Owners ask for in the first place while also providing exact specifications that are consistent and always a cut above industry standards.

We offer in-depth quality training and certification classes to become a Certified Silex® Applicator.  We are dedicated to providing the tools Installers need to utilize and understand the benefits of polished concrete, specifications, best practices on how to build a solid foundation and to provide them with high standards of professional industry knowledge and skills.

When you choose Diamatic® Silex® we are fully committed to innovation, growth, and a complete system approach.  Our goal is to become the most trusted and utilized concrete polishing system providing the hardest densified, quantifiable and repeatable floors in the industry.

"It’s not just about improving the processes and products we make, it’s about how we invent better ones!"


 How We Do It

We utilize next generation technology to provide the best tooling, chemicals and equipment for the Concrete Polishing Industry.  We are committed to revolutionizing the Polishing Concrete Industry so we can then in-turn provide this knowledge  to help elevate both our Clients and our Industry.  Our focus is to provide cutting-edge technologies while keeping our Client's best interests in mind to help them become more profitable in their market place. 


"Our goal is to do our best today and improve to be better tomorrow."

~Harry L. Gressette