Why Choose SILEX® ?

SILEX® is the result of a culmination of years of testing and performance by our industry professionals. The tooling and chemistry that is offered changes the scope of how we approach the world of polished concrete; by utilizing scientific means & methods that define the end result so the customer’s expectations can be met and managed more efficiently.

Silex®  is Now a Family Member of Diamatic USA®

We are proud to announce Silex® is now a part of the Diamatic® Team Red family.  Diamatic® and industry leaders have developed a fusion of polished concrete technologies to create ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System, a superior, performance-driven concrete floor that is resilient, easy to maintain and very durable for outstanding longevity. Our finishes have been tested and
proven to be safe and sustainable.  ULTRAFLOR® is our dry-polish System and now with Silex® on our team we have the solution to your wet-polishing needs.  

Why choose TEAM RED? We are team of experts in the concrete polishing process, specification writing, and training backed by more than 100 years of combined concrete flooring experience.

The Diamatic ULTRAFLOR® systems and now Silex System® are a group of specifications to meet dozens of unique applications in the concrete polishing and polished overlay markets. These processes are specifically designed to produce an extremely hardened, dust-proofed, reflective surface that imparts chemicals, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors. Diamatic® TEAM RED is there to help guarantee your success.