Silex® BLACK H Series Diamonds are designed utilizing various high-quality proprietary matrix of metal abrasives and resins.  The manufacturing bonding process ensures even saturation and distribution of diamond abrasives throughout the bond adding to their longevity, durability and high performance.  

Silex® BLACK H Series Diamonds are engineered and designed to provide excellent flexibility to reach the bottom of low spots in the substrate’s surface allowing a more consistent scratch pattern and overall refinement.  The face design provides maximum surface area contact resulting in the reduction of labor and the time needed for the Operator to reach maximum refinement within each Black H Diamond’s quantitative certified value.  The face design is also exceptional for channeling slurry &/or dust away from the tooling to keep the consistency of a high-performance tooling.

Technical Data Sheet


  Wet Process
  High Concentration of Diamond Abrasives for Faster Refinement
  Longer Life Expectancy
  No Resin Transfer 
  Excellent Flexibility
  Consistent Scratch Patterns
  Reduction in Overall Diamond Costs
  Reduction in Labor Costs
  Higher Productivity
  Ra Meter Certified Diamond Tooling
  Sizes Available for Edge Work:  5" & 7"

Black H Diamonds