Silex® Slurry Bags

Silex® Slurry Bags are wet slurry filtration bags made from high-quality geotextile woven materials allowing water to filter through utilizing a dehydration process by means of natural gravitation. Silex® Slurry Bag’s fabric design matrix retains the solid concrete sediments while permitting the free flow of water to be filtered to lower micron levels.  

Pre-treating slurry by adding SlurrySEP helps accelerate the filtration and separation process, reduces bag 'blinding' or clogging of the bag's interior walls while also lowering pH levels. Using SlurrySEP is ideal if recycling water for reuse on projects and provides additional benefits if used in auto scrubbers.  Utilizing a SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) product such as SlurryDRY in conjunction will quickly absorb any remaining liquids, drying the slurry by creating a landfill ready solid. 

There are multiple setups, processes and products to utilize for slurry management.  CONTACT us to learn more about our products and best practices for setting up a SLURRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.     

  35 x 35 x 35
  (4) 10” Lift Hooks
  3000 lb SWL (Safe Working Load)
  5:1 SF (Safety Factor)
 Spout Top with Tie-Offs              

  SF / Slurry Bag Capacity:  Varies depending on solids to liquids ratio.  
                  Approx. 1,750 SF:  starting with metals
                  Approx. 2,500 - 3,000 SF: Higher Grit Diamonds (Ex. 100 grit & up)

 *** We have recently changed our Slurry Bags. Our goal is to continuously improve our products so we are providing you with the highest quality and latest technologies in our industry.

{Silex® and Silica Stacking® logo on slurry bag are for marketing purposes, they are not currently printed on bags.}