Silex® Seal

Silex® SEAL is a proprietary formula designed to penetrate deeply into the concrete’s surface.  When Silex® Seal is applied to concrete it chemically reacts forming covalent bonds within the concrete substrate that provides excellent hydrophobicity while allowing treated concrete to remain breathable; inhibits the movement of liquid water but permits water vapor to move through the concrete matrix.

Silex® Seal’s formulation provides a long lasting, high level of protection from contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, chemicals, salt and water from penetrating the surface while also providing a gloss satin finish, superior hardening properties, slip resistance and increased long-term performance to newly finished or aged concrete surfaces. Excellent for floors that have higher moisture vapor emissions rate.   

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


  Produces a Refined Surface
  Excellent Water Repellent
  Protects & Enhances Integral Color, Decorative Surfaces
  High Moisture Tolerant
  High Abrasion Resistance
  Reduces Surface Permeability
  Dust Proof, Non-Marking
  Easy to Clean for Reduced Maintenance Costs
  UV Resistant: Will not Chip, Peel or Flake with Age or Exposure
  Resists Whitening & Blushing
  Fast Drying & Quick Curing

  Reduces Project Down Time  


Available In: 5g Pails, 55g Drums & 275g Totes
Estimated Coverage: 
1st   Coat:    1,500 - 2,500   SF / gallon 
2nd  Coat:   2,500 - 3,500* SF / gallon
Applications Required:   2

*Due to the wide variety of substrates variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperatures and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times.