SILEX™ Black H Series hybrid profiling diamond tooling uses a proprietary FLEXPRO Flexural Technology with a matrix of high-quality abrasive diamonds bonded with a mix of various metals and resins designed for high flexibility, long life, exceptional durability, and incomparable scratch removal.  SILEX™ Black H Series diamonds are designed to provide excellent flexibility to reach the bottom of low spots (dips) in the substrate's surface allowing for a more consistent matrix of scratch pattern, refinement & color of the substrate.

The Black H Series’ design is engineered to provide multiple benefits.  The face design provides maximum surface area contact to reduce the time needed for the operator to reach maximum refinement within each diamond's quantitative certified value while also increasing the operator's forward pace, therefore reducing direct labor costs.  The diamond’s channel design ejects slurry away from the tooling to prevent clogging which ensures scratch pattern consistencies. 

The BLACK H Series’ manufacturing process delivers even-saturation and distribution of diamond abrasives throughout the bond adding to the longevity and high-performance of the tooling.


Wet Process
 High-Performance Profiling Diamonds
  High Concentration of Diamonds for Faster Refinement
 Excellent Flexibility
 No Resin Transfer
 Consistent Scratch Patterns
  Velcro Color Backing: Black
  Sizes Available:  5" & 7"

Technical Data Sheet

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