Diamatic® has designed UltraCutTM; a diamond joint clean out blade embedded with a diamond matrix on all sides of the cutting blade that will achieve optimum clean-out & cutting blade performance. 

Conventional concrete saw blades made for cutting concrete have diamond segments adhered  only on two sides of the blades and are not made for cleaning the sidewalls of the joints efficiently, when in fact they can miss up to 40% of the side walls while packing the pores with dust and debris. 

UltraCutTM is engineered to create a vortex that efficiently pulls debris from the pores and removes hard joint sealant material from each side of the joint’s side walls producing a clean, sound abraded surface for the joint filler to adhere to. 

Never underestimate proper joint preparation; poor surface prep can lead to quicker and   easier failure from disbondment.

Technical Data Sheet

7" Diameter
 1/4" & 3/16" Width
7/8" Arbor


  Engineered to pull Debris from the Pores & Remove Hard Joint Sealant Material
  Higher Concentration of Diamonds
  Significantly Longer Blade Life
  Designed to Abrade the Sidewalls;Prepping of Control Joints
UltraCut Joint Clean out Blade