SlurrySafe AR 

SlurrySafe AR is a synthetic safe acid replacement (AR) for all hydrochloric/muriatic acid uses that is eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, EPA Approved and carries a “Triple Zero” Hazardous Material Score.

SlurrySafe AR formulation is a highly effective aggressive cleaning product that reacts and dissolves calcium-based deposits &/or splatters from concrete slurry on grinding equipment, auto scrubbers, vacs, tools, and diamond tooling.  Although SlurrySafe AR is an aggressive pH acid it is safe on skin, pumps, pipes, filters, paint, rubber, most metals and will not affect velcro and its adhesives on tooling.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT USE SlurrySAFE in full concentration, use recommended dilution ratios.   Do NOT use ON or NEAR any polished or finished concrete flooring;  WILL/COULD CAUSE SERIOUS ETCHING!   {**This product reacts and dissolves cementitious materials on contact. The way that it aggressively cleans concrete/slurry off equipment, tooling, etc. will do the same to any concrete slab!}

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


  “Triple Zero” Hazardous Material Score
  Effectively & Aggressively Removes Fresh & Hardened Concrete Slurry 
  Non-Toxic, Non-Fuming, No VOC's
  Acid Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner 
  "Cleangredient" EPA Approved
  Descales & Eliminates Foulants & Rust 
  Requires No Corrosion Inhibitor
  High pH Neutralizer
  Non-Regulated by U.S. DOT
  Dilution Ratio:  1:1 (minimum) with Clean Water

Available In: 5 gallon Pails      (55 gal. Drums & 275 gal. Totes -  Available Upon Request)*
Part #: SSM-SSAR005