SlurrySep Floc

SlurrySEP is formulated using a proprietary blend of bentonite clay, polymers and pH reducing acids designed to effectively remove wastewater contaminants utilizing a flocculation technology that allows the concrete solids to drop to the bottom while the clean water rises to the top.  

This powerful active product separates the solids within minutes and can handle light, medium, and heavy concrete slurry. This process reduces the overall amount of slurry ‘waste’ by removing the usable water which can then be reused on the job site if desired.  SlurrySEPcontains sequestering agents that prevent leaching of heavy metals even if the dried slurry is rewetted. 

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


 Lowers pH Balance Allowing for Water Reuse/Recycling into the Job-Site Machinery.   
Lowers pH Levels to Meet EPA Standards for Proper Wastewater Disposal 
 Non-hazardous and Environmentally Friendly Solution
 Overall Replaces High-Collection, Handling, Hauling and Disposal Costs 
 Fast Acting = Saves Time

Available In: 50 lb. Bags
Part #: SSM-SSF