Training & Certification 


December 5th - 6th 


Classes fill up fast! 

The 2-Day SILEX® training and certification class will introduce the SILEX® Silica Stacking® Refinement Polishing System that utilizes a scientific approach and next generation technologies that will produce fully refined floors to their maximum potential while at the same time creating repeatable and quantifiable results.  By utilizing this systematic approach, you will be able to provide scientific data that describes the exact means and methods used to produce the floors the Architects, Owners or General Contractors ask for in the first place.


The training class will consist of interactive instruction in both the classroom and hands-on with our diamond tooling, techniques, floor treatments, and equipment. The grinding and polishing processes that will be introduced will be utilizing both the walk-behind grinders and the SILEX® power trowel powered by VELOX Technology.     

The concrete construction environment has changed significantly over the years and contractors who improve their skills regularly are in higher demand based on specification led requirements; become a SILEX® Certified Installer and you will be part of this revolutionary approach that changes the way concrete is designed, placed & finished, polished and maintained! 

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 Classes are held at

BLASTRAC FACILITY 13201 North Santa Fe Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73114