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DiamaticTM & SilexTM are adding momentum to the concrete polishing industry by engineering and producing the first and only 'ACTIVE' planetary revolution (patent pending) ride-on power trowel.  The VELOXTM Power Trowel Polishing System made in the U.S. by DiamaticTM ,boosts productivity up to 90% by providing the capability to polish larger square footage floors to their highest refinement while providing consistent and predictable results without sacrificing quality.


Path Width:  96" / 8'  (2440mm)
Grinding Heads:   10
Number of Diamonds:  40
HP:  31
Drive System:  Active Planetary (patent pending)
Steering Assist:   Hydrostatic/Hydraulic (joystick)
Fuel Tank Capacity:  10g Dual (Gas & LPG)
Operating Weight:  1760 lbs. (800kg)
Dimensions:   L 98" (2489mm) X W 50" (1270mm) X H 60" (1524mm) 


  Wet & Dry Polishing
  Boots Productivity & Efficiencies
  ACTIVE Planetary Drive System
  Hydraulic Steering Promotes Less Fatigue/Physical Exertion
  Magnetic System Tooling
  Quick Change Tooling Technology
  Made in the U.S.A.
  Trowel Trolley Available
  Up to 25,000 sqft/Hour/Grit (Profiling Diamonds, Wet Process)
  Up to 50,000 sqft/Hour/Grit (Polishing Diamonds, Dry Process)

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The 2-Day SILEX™ training and certification class has been designed to introduce our polishing system that utilizes a scientific approach and next generation technologies that will produce fully refined floors to their maximum potential while at the same time creating repeatable and quantifiable results.  By utilizing this systematic approach, you will be able to provide scientific data that describes the exact means and methods used to produce the floors the Architects, Owners or General Contractors ask for in the first place. Click Here For More Info